Here are just a few of my holiday greeting cards, invitations, and memory videos that I have created over the years.
I love taking the extra time to express a personal message in everything I do.
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Charlie's 1st Birthday and The Fourth of July

Since this little firecracker was supposed to be born on July 1st, I've had it in my head for a year that her first birthday party would be in conjunction with the holiday. And so that's what we did! This card is a 5x7 photo printed on cardstock.

Christopher's 7th Birthday

I can't believe the boy is seven-years-old! He wanted a Minecraft birthday and that's what he got! This card was printed on 5x7 photo paper.

Carter's 4th Birthday

He's a Brony! This was printed on a 5.5x4.25" bi-fold cardstock.

Front of card.

Back of card.

Holiday Greeting Card 2014

This year we decided to keep in simple. Believe it or not, this photo was taken with the iPhone 6. It was printed on 5x7 photo paper.

Charlie's Birth Announcement

Charlie needed a little pink. Just a little. This was a combination of several different announcements I saw online and liked.  This card was printed on glossy, 5x7" cardstock.


Brian's 40th was just around the corner and I decided to play with a little typography. This was a single-sided 4.25x11" card on cardstock.

Christopher's 6th Birthday

Christopher asked for a Lego Star Wars birthday party this year. I couldn't disappoint. This card was a single-sided 4.25x5.5" cardstock cut.

Carter's 3rd Birthday

Maybe because I was pregnant and tired, maybe because I didn't have the supplies, but for Carter's 3rd birthday I sent e-vites. I did make a quick graphic to go with it though. He was still on his Toy Story kick.

Holiday Greeting Card 2013

This year was a toughy. I spent a couple of months going back and forth on this year's design. I really didn't know what to do. And quite honestly, I didn't think I had the time to do anything I could come up with. Finally, after some Pinterest browsing, I was able to come up with an original idea. I imagined black and white photos with a pop of red. I saw readers expecting our typical cute, lovable boys and then KA-POW!, something they didn't expect. And I must say, it came out exactly as I imagined it... This card was printed on an 8.5" x 5.5" bi-fold cardstock.

Front of card.

Back of card.

Christopher's 5th Birthday

Christopher asked for a baseball themed birthday party this year. My response? Heck yeah! Here's his birthday invite. I was so excited to find a font with customizable swoosh. This card was a single-sided 4.25x5.5" cardstock cut.

Robin's Birthday Card

When my cousin, Robin, asked me to create some stick figures for her upcoming birthday invite I dropped everything and came up with this. If you know my cousin, you would know why this card is absolutely hysterical. The party was amazing too! This card was created for a bi-fold 4.25x5.5".
Front of card

Inside of card

Carter's 2nd Birthday Invite

If you know Carter, then you know he is OBSESSED with all things Toy Story. There was no point in asking what theme Carter wanted for his birthday - he would look at me like I was stupid if I did. So viola! A Toy Story themed card. I came up with the catch line... sort of. This was a bi-fold 11x4.25" card fitting perfectly inside matching yellow envelopes.
Front of card

Inside of card

Holiday Greeting Card 2012

This is a 4x11" tri-fold on cardstock. I had fun with the card this year. Without snow in our backyard, I had to improvise and use photoshop. I like the constrast between the photo of the boys and the pen and ink background drawing.

Christopher's 4th Birthday

Another birthday at the zoo! This time with a little extra. This card was printed on cardstock. It is 4.25x11

Carter's 1st Birthday Video Montage

Carter's 1st Birthday

I can't lie. I bought the graphics for this one. It's a 5x7 card printed on photo paper. I cut around the ears of each card for a little embellishment.

Holiday Greeting 2011

This year we decided to play off the fact that Christopher and Carter couldn't get along over anything (that and the never-ending football rivalry in our house). I seriously thought we'd have two boys that would love each other and do everything together. Not so much the case. That's okay, it makes for a good holiday card. This card is 8.5 x 5.5 bi-folded.

Front of card.

Inside of card.
Back of card.

Carter's Birth Announcement 2011

I knew I wanted to take the "fun route" with Carter's announcement. I absolutely love Christopher's formal announcement, but I felt it was time to change things up a bit. Credit to my husband for taking the photo. Credit to Photoshop for making the text so easy to manipulate. This was a single 5.7" photo card.


Holiday Greeting Card 2010

We were expecting Carter to arrive in less than a month and new the next year would be special. We wanted to capture all the love and joy we had felt in 2011. We were excited to show that in the year's greeting card. This was a simple 8.5x5.5" bi-fold card.

Front, outside of card.
Inside of card.

Back of card.

Christopher's 2nd Birthday

This was a purchased print online. I subbed in my information. It is a 5x7 card printed on cardstock.

Holiday Greeting Card 2009

This year I decided to put on paper exactly who meant the most to us. After all, that's what the holidays are about. Right?

Outside of card.

Inside of card.

Fourth of July Invitation 2009

Our annual Fourth of July party only lasted four years. It seemed as though more and more people weren't staying in town for the holiday. But that being said, our Fourth of July cards have always been my favorite. This one came from an Avery kit - it was a puzzle. The card folded several ways to reveal four different photos. The idea may not have been my original design, but the photos are one of a kind.


Holiday Greeting Card 2008

2008 was a crazy year for us. Christopher joined our family and things just got crazy. I didn't know anyway to sum up the entire year but by showing all the photographs at once. I used a simple mosaic program online. This was 8.5x11" cardstock. The image was folded in half to create the 8.5x5.5" card.

Christopher's Birth Announcement 2008

Christopher's birth announcement is probably one of the few "normal" cards I've ever made. After Christopher was born, I was so proud of him and I wanted to make it as special as possible. This was made on 5x7" photo paper.


Holiday Greeting Card 2007

Ah, a time before we had children and we humiliated our animals. This was way too hokey. Even for me. I had made up our cards before we had our sonogram taken of Christopher. I've always wished I had waited to make the cards that year. The sonogram picture would have been a little more fun (and less cheesy). But that's what I get for designing my holiday cards six months in advance. This was a 4.25x11" photo card.


Sticker on back of photo card. 

Fourth of July Invitation 2007

Poor Dude. Before there was Susie. Before Christopher and Carter. Poor Dude.
This was a 5.5x4.25 bi-fold card.
 Outside of card.
Inside of card.

Holiday Greeting Card 2006

Here it is, our first holiday card as a couple. We were brand new. New marriage, new home (soon to come). We were just starting out and so were my holiday card skills. This was simple timed photos with Microsoft Word and a couple of rubber stamps. Still one of my favorites. Gotta start somewhere I guess. This was a 4.25x5.5" bi-fold card. The inside photo was picture perfect. Unfortunately, I can't find a scanned copy.

Engagement Anouncement 2005

We had fun with our first ever mailing. We headed to the mall and took two sets of photos to get this perfect pairing. We mailed them out just as they were: a photo strip.